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  1. Canadian Wildlife Service - Service Canadien de la faune Details
    Canadian Birds and Mammals: description, photos and sounds
    Oiseaux et Mammifičres Canadiens: descriptif, photos et sons.

  2. York Ornithological Club Details
    Information about birds and birdwatching in York and North Yorkshire, England. Includes "Where to watch birds" in the area, and recent sightings in the York Recording Area

  3. BelizeBirds.com Details
    Dedicated to birds, birding, and ornithological research in Belize.

  4. Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Details
    WI, USA.

  5. Peterson's Perspective Birds Online Details
    Visual categories, field marks, size and shape, behavior, migration, range, season, flight, feeding, conservation, ...

  6. The Life of Birds by Richard Attenborough Details
    Bird brains, champion birds, parenthood, evolution, bird songs, ...

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