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  1. Lexicon of Parrots Details
    Info and images of Parrots of the world

  2. The Hummingbird Web Site Details
    Species, behaviour, historical, legends, nests, migration, rarities, ...

  3. Bird Song Matcher Details
    This identification game presents random sets of bird photos and sounds grouped by habitat. For each habitat your goal will be to connect the bird sounds with their matching photos.

  4. Migration Details
    Bird migration, songbird survival, ...

  5. The American Society of Crows and Ravens Details

  6. Cuckoos of the World Details
    A Checklist.

  7. Birds of North America Details

  8. Cyberaviary Birds Details
    Image and description of various bird types.
    The Cyber Zoo of Syracuse University and SUNY ESF, Utica Zoo, and Burnet Park Zoo.

  9. The Raven Details

  10. Inland Bird Banding Association Details

  11. Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory Details
    AZ, USA.

  12. Bird Song Mnemonics Details
    Recognize bird sounds via mnemonics.

  13. Guatemalan Birding Resource Center Details
    Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

  14. Hong Kong Bird Watching Society Details
    Hong Kong, China.

  15. North American Bird Sounds Details

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