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  1. International Osprey Foundation (FL USA) Details

  2. Hugin's & Munin's Nest - Raven Details
    Hugin och Munin är Odens två korpar.
    Hugin y Munin son los cuervos de Oden.

  3. Buffalo Ornithological Society Details
    NY, USA.

  4. Dutch Birding Association Details
    The Netherlands - Nederland.

  5. American Birding Association Details

  6. Northern Virginia Bird Club Details
    VA, USA.

  7. Canberra Ornithologists Group (Australia) Details

  8. Osprey Project 2000 Details
    Ospreys are being re-introduced to England from the growing Scottish population. Satellite tracking is also being used to monitor the migration.
    United Kingdom.

  9. Songbird Survival Project (NV USA) Details

  10. The Nutty Birdwatcher Details
    Information on birdwatching, backyard bird feeding, Eastern US Birds, comprehensive bird feeder preference chart, suet receipes, what are the natural foods of birds which includes insects, mammals, etc., spring and fall bird migration timetables, maps of the North American Flyways, the do's & dont's of building bird nestboxes, comprehensive guides to identifying birds with checklists, identification by Behavior or where seen.

  11. Egrets and Herons Details

  12. Suriname bird guide online Details
    This guide provides extensive information about (mostly) breeding birds in Suriname. You will find species information on physical description, habitat, range, breeding, feeding and conservation concerns.

  13. Wild Things Heading North Details
    Track snow geese on the 'Net.

  14. For the Love of Crows Details
    General corvine information, library, glossary, mythological aspects, ...

  15. Peterson Online Birds: Identifications Details
    Artwork of North American bird species, with a full life history, seasonal range map, and depictions of similar species.

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