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Birds Predators

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  1. The OWL Pages Details
    List of all world owls, physiology, rehabilitation, mythology and culture, ...

  2. The Raptor gallery Details
    Some of these photos are wild birds, some are falconers' birds, and some are non-releasable birds from the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

  3. Raptor Resource Project Details
    IA, USA.

  4. The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group Details
    Part of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

  5. Birds of Prey Details
    Descriptions, photos.

  6. Independent Bird Register Details
    The Independent Bird Register was set up in 1994 to reunite lost, found and stolen hawks, falcons and owls.
    Based in the United Kingdom

  7. Information on Owls Details
    Description, habits, pictures, sanctuaries, paintings, books, ...

  8. American Bald Eagle Information Details
    In-depth bald eagle information as well as bald eagle, wildlife, zoo, and Wisconsin bird photos. Send a free greeting card and download free screen savers.

  9. Barn Owl Details
    About the Tytonidae Owl Species (Barn Owl)

  10. Valley of the Eagles, Haines Alaska Details
    In winter you'll be among birdwatchers and photographers from around the world as the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve hosts the planet's largest gathering of American bald eagles -- thousands of them at a time feasting on a banquet of spawning salmon.

  11. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Details
    Kempton PA, USA.


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