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  1. Macaw Landing Foundation Details
    Dedicated to the preservation of macaws through research, public education and ecotourism.

  2. Neotropical Bird Club Details
    Wild birds of the New World tropics and their conservation.
    Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

  3. Photo Birder Details
    The Complete Photographic Guide to Birds of the World -Abridged Edition.
    Bird photo gallery by G Martin.

  4. North West Swan Study Details
    United Kingdom.

  5. Integrovaný monitoring brehule rícní Details
    Integrated monitoring of the Sand Martin (Riparia riparia), our smallest swallow.

  6. The Albatross Project Details
    About Albatrosses.
    Das Albatros Projekt.
    El Proyecto Albatros

  7. Projekt Eisvogel Details
    Kingfisher project
    Deutschland - Germany

  8. Great Backyard Bird Count Details
    Help the Cornell Lab of Ornithology discover the pattern of migratory birds by identifying and counting birds in your own neighborhood.

  9. The Amazing World of Birds Details

  10. Hummingbird Highlights Details

  11. Zebrafinken Details
    Zebravinken in der Natur und Voliere.
    Zebra finches in the wild and as cage birds

  12. Dorothy's Fabulous Flamingos Details
    Habitat, reproduction and history.

  13. The Institute for Bird Populations Details
    Dedicated to fostering a global approach to research and the dissemination of information on changes in bird populations.
    CA, USA.

  14. A bibliographic database of North American Waterfowl (Anatidae) and their wetlan Details
    Biological Resources Division, U.S. Department of the Interior, USA.

  15. Fat Birder Details
    Site for the bird watching.

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