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  1. Fishbase Details
    Over 25,OOO Species, 70,000 Synonyms, 110,000 Common names, 28,000 Pictures, 21,000 References.

  2. Master Index of Freshwater Fishes Details
    All you need to know about freshwater fishes.

  3. Killi club de France Details
    Killifish club of France.

  4. Zebrafish Information Network Details
    University of Oregon - Eugene OR, USA.

  5. Bilyap Aquaristic Details
    Freshwater fish species, recommended aquarium books, ...

  6. AquaMax page -Bristlenose Catfish Details
    About the Bristlenose Catfish

  7. AquaMax page -Common Lyretail Details
    About the Common Lyretail

  8. Freshwater Fishes of Malaysia Details

  9. Aquaman's Aquarium Details
    With index of fishes, tips for aquarium and fish, information on aquarium filters, ...

  10. Aquariumpage Details
    Fish database, Information about artemia and other, ...
    Vissendatabank, Informatie over levend voer, ...

  11. Viviparous Details
    The livebearer information service.

  12. Midland Koi Association Details
    United Kingdom.

  13. American Livebearer Association Details

  14. Aquasite.com Details
    Comprehensive database of fish and coral.

  15. Aquarium Fish Database Details
    Searchable database with hundreds of tropical fish. It includes pictures, descriptions and profiles. Join our forum and share your experience with the aquarium community.

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