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  1. Planet Catfish Details

  2. ScotCat Details
    Hobby orientated website dedicated to the keeping, breeding and identification of the many varied species of catfish.

  3. Jon Armbruster's Loricariid Home Page Details
    These pages are designed to act as a means to identify the genera of the subfamilies Neoplecostominae and Hypostominae as well as an undescribed subfamily. This encompasses a majority of the genera of Loricariidae and includes all of the genera typically sold in the aquarium trade under the name pleco or plecostomus. The primary emphasis of these pages is on the Hypostominae (sensu Armbruster, 1997) which includes the former Ancistrinae and excludes Delturus, Hemipsilichthys, Isbrueckerichthys, Kronichthys, Pareiorhina, and Upsilodus.

  4. Callichthyidae - Armored Catfishes Details
    Laboratório de Ictiologia, Museu de Ciências e Tecnologia da PUCRS - Porto Alegre RS, Brazil.

  5. Planet Catfish Details
    Dedicated to providing help, advice and guidance on keeping catfish.

  6. Mike Edwardes Tropicals Details
    Info on how to breed catfish, Cichlids, and other fish.

  7. The Land of all Things Catfish Details
    Tips & techniques, world records, facts & stories, pictures,...

  8. Catfish Study Group (UK) Details
    Wigan, United Kingdom.

  9. Aspredinidae - Banjo Catfishes Details
    Cornell University, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Ithaca NY, USA.


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