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Tibetan Terrier

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  1. Belgian Tibetan Terrier Club Details
    Club Belge du Tibetan Terrier.
    Belgische Tibetan Terrier Club

  2. Tibetan Terrier club of Canada Details

  3. Tibetan Terrier club of America Details

  4. Tibetan Terrier Club of the Czech Republic Details
    Tibetan Terrier Club von der Tschechischen Republik
    Tibetan Terrier Clubu Èeské republiky

  5. Birmingham Tibetan Terriers Enthousiasts Club(UK) Details

  6. Tibetan Terrier Details
    The Tibetan Terrier was bred for centuries in the monasteries in the high Himalayas.
    They were loved and used by the monks and lamas as mascots, good luck charms and watchdogs

  7. Northern Tibetan Spaniel Club (UK) Details

  8. Tibetan Terrier Association (UK) Details


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