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  1. Bird Cinema - Video for Bird Watchers Details

  2. Dutch Birding Association Details
    The Netherlands - Nederland.

  3. A bibliographic database of North American Waterfowl (Anatidae) and their wetlan Details
    Biological Resources Division, U.S. Department of the Interior, USA.

  4. The Secret Lives of Crows Details

  5. Bird Checklists of the United States Details
    Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center - ND, USA.

  6. Photo Birder Details
    The Complete Photographic Guide to Birds of the World -Abridged Edition.
    Bird photo gallery by G Martin.

  7. Macaw Landing Foundation Details
    Dedicated to the preservation of macaws through research, public education and ecotourism.

  8. Osprey Project 2000 Details
    Ospreys are being re-introduced to England from the growing Scottish population. Satellite tracking is also being used to monitor the migration.
    United Kingdom.

  9. Southern African Birding Details
    South Africa.

  10. Raven Tempter's Perilous Curiosities! Details
    Corvus corax species and historical information.

  11. Birds in Suriname Details
    Vogels in Suriname.

  12. Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory Details
    AZ, USA.

  13. Bird Song Matcher Details
    This identification game presents random sets of bird photos and sounds grouped by habitat. For each habitat your goal will be to connect the bird sounds with their matching photos.

  14. American Birding Association Details

  15. Cuckoos & Allies Details

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