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  1. Animal Diseases Details

  2. The Snail Centre Details
    Snail farming methods and equipment.
    Lincolnshire (England), United Kingdom.

  3. Establecimiento Helicicultor Doña Rosa Details
    Establecimiento dedicado a la Helicicultura - cría ecológica del caracol de tierra. Exportación de caracoles Helix Aspersa.
    Etablissement modèle d'Héliciculture à cycle biologique complet des escargots de la classe Helix Aspersa.
    Model Heliciculture Centre, full biological cycle snail raising.
    Chacabuco (Buenos Aires), Argentina

  4. Han Min Food co Ltd Details
    Snail farming (Heliciculture).
    Seoul, Korea

  5. Helix srl Details
    Commercio dei prodotti elicicoli. Helix Aperta, Helix Aspersa, Helix Eobania, Helix Pomatia, Theba Pisana , Ottala Lactea..
    Producteur escargots - héliciculture.
    Italian producer of snails - heliciculture.
    07045 Ossi (Sardegna), Italia - Italie - Italy

  6. La Lumaca Madonita Details
    Allevamento e vendita Aspersa Muller, Maxima, Eobania (Rigatella), Pisana (Lumachina), Helix Aperta e Pomatia. Progettazione e fornitura materiali per elicoltori (Reti e sementi speciali, Pali, irrigatori e riproduttori selezionati).
    Production of snails.
    Producteur d'escargots.
    Producción de caracoles.
    90010 Campofelice di Roccella (Sicilia), Italia - Italy - Italie

  7. Happy Snails Details
    Snail farming (Heliciculture).
    Dover DE, USA.

  8. PennSailFarm Details
    Snail farming (Heliciculture).
    Meyersdale PA, USA.

  9. Escargots Funcia Details
    Snail farming (Heliciculture).
    Criación del escargot.
    São Paulo, Brazil

  10. China Snail Development - Escargot Details
    We main devote ourselves to the exploitation of snail item,and have researched more 10 deep processing products.We can supply canned and frozen white meat snail and Achatina fulica,fresh,dehydrated,dried snails.
    Jinhua (Zhejiang), China

  11. Escargot Ello's Details
    Producer of escargots.
    Petropolis city, Rio de Janeiro state, Brasil.


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