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  1. American Welara Pony Society Details
    Registry for Welsh / Arabian show horses and ponies.

  2. South Eastern Welsh Pony & Cob Association Details
    Kent, United Kingdom.

  3. Rare & Endangered Breeds Details
    Info on Sorraia horse, Tiger horse, Skyros Pony, Eriskay Pony, Exmoor Pony & Cleveland Bay.

  4. The Fell Pony Journal & Archive Details

  5. All Welsh Enthusiasts Details
    Welsh Pony club dedicated to the promotion of the Welsh Pony, Cob and Welsh Part-bred.

  6. Welsh Pony and Cob Society Details
    United Kingdom.

  7. Shire Horse Society Details

  8. American Shire Horse Association Details

  9. Thoroughbred Heritage Details
    A comprehensive site devoted to history of thoroughbred horses, including images, essays, race charts.

  10. Michigan Welsh Pony & Cob Association Details
    MI, USA.

  11. The New Forest Pony Details
    History, Origin, Breed characteristics

  12. Nederlands Welsh Pony & Cob Stamboek Details
    Dutch Welsh Pony and Cob Studbook.
    Niederländischen Welsh Pony und Cob Stammbuch.

  13. The Highland Pony Society Details
    The Highland Pony Society, major organisation for the Highland Ponies, situated in Perth, Scotland UK, Sales list updated regularly

  14. Welsh Pony and Cob Details
    Info on all sections.

  15. Suffolk Horse Society Details
    United Kingdom.

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