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  Welsh Pony Cob (165)

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  1. Legacy Cleveland Bay Farm Details
    Partbreds for sale. Educational website for endangered, rare breed. Also tack shop specializing in western tack and pack rigging.
    Pouce Coupe BC, Canada

  2. Outaways Farm Details
    Fox Hunters and Polo Pony Prospects for sale, boarding, stallions.
    Aiken SC, USA.

  3. Western Cape Breeders Details
    Wellington, South Africa.

  4. Walkers West Details
    Specializing in Sales, Breeding, Training and Boarding
    Kaufman TX, USA.

  5. Thundry Competition Horses Details
    Elstead Surrey, United Kingdom.

  6. Fair Dinkum Farm Details
    Australian Saddle Ponies, Emus, Australian cattle dogs and Aboriginal camp dogs.
    Stagecoach NV, USA.

  7. Quo Vadis Stable Details
    Breeders of quality showhorses with world class bloodlines.
    Treherne MB, Canada.

  8. Stonecrop Farm Details
    Well-established breeding operation mission to combine talent and temperament to create the ultimate modern sport horse
    North Carolina, USA.

  9. Providence Farm Details
    Producing well educated riders and quality horses and ponies for dressage, show jumping, and eventing.
    Ray Township MI, USA.

  10. Gala SportHorses Details
    Breeder Dressage horses.
    Drayton Valley AB, Canada.

  11. Bishop Lane Farm Details
    Full service breeding, training and marketing facility.
    Sebastopol CA, USA.

  12. Armstrong Equine Services Details
    Buying/selling, breeding, training & boarding.
    La Mesa NM, USA.

  13. Haras d'Ysieux Details
    Breeders and trainers
    Eleveurs et entraineurs.
    95270 Chaumontal (Val d'Oise), France.

  14. Stal Jelinco Details
    Selecteren, uitbrengen en verkopen van jonge kwaliteits- en concourspaarden.
    Selecting, showing and selling young quality horses, jumpers and dressage horses.
    Hasselt, Belgium.

  15. Elk Run Farm Details
    Quality Facility specializing in the breeding and selling beautiful warmblood horses for use in Dressage, Jumping and eventing
    Hood River OR, USA.

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