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Exotic Pets

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  1. Southern Mountain Horse Company Details
    We are a 210 acre breeding facility of rare and unusual animals which are supplied to zoological institutions and private facilities all around the world. Dromedary, Shetland pony, miniature donkey, bennetts wallabies, miniature sheep, zebras, clydesdale horse. Also newfoundland dogs.
    Shade OH, USA

  2. Flying W Farms Details
    Breeders of Horses (draft crosses), mastiff Dogs, English and American mastiff, Miniature Zebu Cattle, and Miniature Horses.
    Piketon OH, USA.

  3. The Desert Fox Details
    About fennec foxes

  4. Short Tailed Opossums Details
    Short Tailed Opossum Colony for Sale! Please email for details!
    Raleigh NC, USA

  5. Ratkateers Rodentry Details
    USDA and State licensed private breeding facility near Indianapolis IN USA raising over 100 quality hand-fed exotic pets representing 19 different species.

  6. Dantiles - Satisfy Your Reptitude Details
    Breeder and retailer of: Snakes, Lizards, Amphibians, Turtles, Tortoises, Arachnids, feeders and their supplies.
    Milpitas CA, USA

  7. MunchRanch East Details
    Exotic birds and animals, such as Indian Ringneck Parakeets, Kakarikis, and other exotics, such as wallabies, exotic cats, goats, miniature horses, sheep, servals, and llamas.
    Eustace TX, USA.

  8. The Pet Arthropod Page Details
    Giant Cockroaches, Spiders, Scorpions, Millipedes as pets

  9. LaFlamme Farms Details
    Mountain Bred & Trained Peruvian Horses, American Indian Dogs, and Desert Lynx Cats
    Selma OR, USA.

  10. Bee Skep Ranch Miniature Sheep Details
    Breeders of Olde English Babydoll Miniature Southdown Sheep, Brecknock Hill Miniature Cheviot Sheep, and Wallabies.
    Silver Springs NV, USA

  11. AfricanServal Details
    Information on wild and exotic cats from servals to tigers as pets. Articles on care, behavior, housing, and legal issues as well as species profiles and photos.

  12. Awesome Exotics Details
    We are a USDA and State licensed private exotic animal breeding facility, located in Southern Minnesota. Animals in our breeding program include: bobcats, lynx, foxes, black bears, chipmunks, squirrels, monkeys, kinkajous, woodchucks, and much more.
    Faribault MN, USA

  13. National Alternative Pet Association (USA) Details
    to Preserve Private Ownership of Exotic Animals (including non-human primates)

  14. Animals Exotique Details
    Breeder of Sugar Glider, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Shorttailed Opossums, Wallaby, Coatimundi, Kinkajous (Honey Bears), Mouse possums, Prairie Dogs and other exotic pets. USDA, USFWS and State of Texas Licensed, shipping Nationwide & Internationally.
    Pearland TX, USA.

  15. N'CO Details
    Breeder of Chinese Crested, and Marmoset Capuchin Tamarin Spider Monkey.
    Monclova OH, USA

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