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Shar Pei

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Dog Breeders Shar Pei

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  1. Patti's Pei Details
    Breeder of Shar Pei.
    Grand Rapids MI, USA.

  2. I Draghi della Reverdita Details
    Allevatore Shar Pei.
    Eleveur de Shar Pai.
    Breeder of Shar Pei.
    17044 Stella San Giovanni (SV), Italia - Italie - Italy

  3. Confucian Details
    Breeder of Shar Pei & Bracco Italiano.
    Co Galway, Ireland.

  4. Hong Ming Kennels Details
    Breeder of Shar Pei.
    Palmerston North, New Zealand

  5. Di casa Romano& Full of Fire Sharpei's Details
    Sharpeibreeders since 1992.
    Valkenswaard (Noord-Brabant), Netherlands

  6. Karisto Details
    Breeder of Shar Pei.
    Burnley (Lancashire), United Kingdom.

  7. Samsara Details
    Breeder of Shar Pei.
    Kent (England), United Kingdom.

  8. Cascata Rochosa Shar Pei Details
    Breeding and showing Shar Pei from U.S.A., Portugal and U.K.
    Janas (Sintra), Portugal

  9. Canarianpeis Details
    Criador Shar Pei.
    Sharpei breeder.
    Gran Canaria, España - Spain

  10. Khambaliq Kennel Details
    Allevamentlo di Shar Pei e Basset Hound.
    Breeder of Shar Pei and Basset Hound.
    04010 Sezze Scalo (LT), Italia - Italy

  11. Carlou Kennels Details
    AKC Chinese Shar Pei and AKC (import lined) Doberman Pinschers.
    Bristolville OH, USA

  12. Tcharkuldu Kennels Details
    Breeder of Shar Pei and Rottweiler.
    Darwin NT, Australia.

  13. Chequerpei Details
    Breeders of Shar Pei.
    Chequerfield Pontefract (West Yorkshire), United Kingdom

  14. Kennel Heinäaron Details
    Breeder of Bracco Italiano, Basset Hound, Shar Pei and Miniature Pinscher.
    31720 Urjalankylä, Finland

  15. Chadson Details
    Criador di Shar Pei.
    Breeder of Shar Pei.
    Alicante, España - Spain.

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