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Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog

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Dog Breeders Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog

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  1. Misty Mountain Estrelas Details
    Breeder of Serra da Estrela Mountain dogs.
    Polkton NC, USA

  2. Quinta do Pasto Details
    Breeder of Portuguese Pointing Dog (Perdigueiro Português), Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog (Cao Serra da Estrela),American Staffordshire Terrier, and Portuguese Warren Hound (Podengo Português) Grande Liso.

  3. Canil da Quinta da Líria Details
    Breeder of Serra da Estrela Mountain dog (Cão da Serra da Estrela).
    Alcains (Beira Baixa), Portugal

  4. Chiens des Seigneurs de la Vallée de l'Isle Details
    French breeder of Estrela Mountain dog in Périgord, dog bred in family and educate in working club, very high bloodlines, recommended champions, puppies for shows, work or company. Hips, elbows displasia and eyes controled.
    Elevage familial en Périgord d'Estrélas LOF pour concours, travail ou compagnie.
    Criador de perros de Montaña de la Sierra de la Estrela.
    24750 Atur (Dordogne), France - Francia

  5. Akaroa's Details
    Breeder of Cão da Serra da Estrela and Bernese Mountain Dog.
    46450 Dals Rostock, Sweden.

  6. Urzemals Details
    Breeder of Estrela Mountain dog and Alaskan Malamute.
    2530 Lourinhã, Portugal

  7. Ponta da Pinta Kennel Details
    Portuguese breeders. Program based on health, functionality, morphollogy and character and not only on beauty. However, our dogs descend from champion bloodlines and have excellent beauty show curriculae. Hip dysplasia and cardiomiopathy control.
    Cartaxo, Portugal

  8. Kennel van de Hienderheuvel Details
    Breeder Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Cão da Serra da Estrela.
    Espel (Flevoland), Netherlands

  9. TrailsEnd Estrela's Details
    Now the Estrela is available in the States. Puppies from Ch., working lines.
    Leland NC, USA

  10. Sturtmoor Estrela Mountain Dogs Details
    Sturtmoor was the first Estrela Mountain Dog kennels outside of Portugal. Occasional litters with emphasis on true type.
    Blackwood (Gwent), United Kingdom

  11. Asterel Details
    Breeder of Estrela mountain dog.
    Carmarthenshire (Wales), United Kingdom

  12. d'Alpetratinia Details
    The reference in the Smooth-Haired Estrela Mountain Dog! Long-haired Estrelas from outstanding lines! Breeding exceptional animals since 2002! Despite our over 15 show champions, we focus our selection programme in woking ability and health!
    6234-907 Alpedrinha, Portugal

  13. Quinta da S Fernando Kennel Details
    Breeder of Serra de Estrela Mountain Dog.
    Manteigas, Portugal


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