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  1. Ciara Moon Newfoundlands Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland.
    Keene NH, USA

  2. Van de kleine Compagnie Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland.
    Gasselternijveenschemond (Drenthe), Netherlands

  3. Ursula Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland, Mastiff and short-haired dachshund.
    4840 Nr. Alslev, Denmark

  4. Leo Grande Cuore Kennel Details
    Breeder of Leonberger and Newfoundland.
    88100 Inowroc³aw, Poland

  5. Yesallaw Kennels Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland.
    Westbury TAS, Australia

  6. Des Oursons du Vent Details
    Eleveur de Terre-Neuve.
    breeder of Newfoundland dogs.
    62380 Bléquin (Pas de Calais), France

  7. vom treuen Bärenblick Details
    Züchter vom Neufundländer
    Breeder of Newfoundland dogs
    67251 Freinsheim (Rheinland-Pfalz), Deutschland - Germany

  8. Goldbear's Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain dogs.
    60550 Nurmo, Finland

  9. Bearbrook Details
    The Home of Quality Black & Landseer Newfoundlands Since 1973.
    Gorham NH, USA

  10. Lighthouse Newfoundlands Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland
    Grafton OH, USA

  11. Seabound Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland dogs.
    Auckland, New Zealand

  12. Black Clouds Kennel Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland.
    Cologna Veneta (VR), Italy

  13. Anmalamual Details
    Criador de Terranova
    Breeder of Newfoundland
    Valgorguina (Barcelona), España - Spain

  14. Crazy Bear Kennel Details
    Breeder of Newfoundland dogs.
    Criador de Terranova.
    Palgrave ONT, Canada

  15. Thickish Newfoundland Kennel Details
    Allevatore di Terranova.
    Breeder of Newfoundland dogs.
    42100 Reggio Emilia- Italia - Italy

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