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Labrador Retriever

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  1. Chelons Details
    Breeder of French Bulldog and Labrador Retriever.
    Mount St Helens WA, USA

  2. Prairiestorm Kennel Details
    Breeders of Labrador Retrievers and Brittany Spaniels from Hunting and Field Trial Lines.
    Saskatoon SK, Canada

  3. Les Labradors de Trevira Details
    Eleveur de Labrador
    Breeder of Labrador
    Deauville (Calvados), France

  4. Inishfree X Ashford Castle Details
    Züchter von Labrador Retriever.
    Breeder of Labrador.
    8061 St. Radegund, Österreich - Austria

  5. Gilead Gundogs Details
    Züchter vom Golden Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Labrador Retriever und Manchester Terrier.
    Breeder of Golden Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Manchester Terrier
    31628 Landesbergen (Niedersachsen), Deutschland - Germany

  6. Applejack's Details
    Breeder of Labrador Retriever.
    Rinkaby, Sweden

  7. Mallorn's Kennel Details
    Breeder of labrador and Jack Russell Terrier.
    97130 Hirvas, Finland

  8. Silronrays Details
    Breeder of labradors for more then 35 years, based on english lines, all 3 colours.
    16450 Parzac (Charente), France

  9. Kennel Fameflair Details
    Breeder of Labrador Retriever.
    37589 Düderode (Lower Saxony), Germany.

  10. Down The Hill Labradors Details
    Elevage de labradors beauté et travail.
    Breeder of Labrador.
    35320 La Bosse de Bretagne ((Ille et Vilaine), France

  11. Von der Hollen-Hardt Details
    Züchter von Labradors
    Breeder of Labradors
    51645 Gummersbach (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Deutschland - Germany

  12. Farbourne Labradors Details
    Breeder of Labrador Retrievers.
    Rockanje, Netherlands

  13. Amalthea Details
    Labrador retriever breeder for show ring and family companions.
    10677 Marathon (Attiki), Greece

  14. Monts d'Arvey Details
    Informations sur le retriever labrador, santé, génétique, caractère...Notre elevage: nos reproducteurs, les portées...
    Breeder of Labrador Retrievers.
    St Jean d'Arvey (Savoie), France

  15. Endless Mountain Labradors Details
    Breeder of Labrador Retriever
    Gillett PA, USA

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