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Flat Coated Retriever

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Dog Breeders Flat Coated Retriever

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  1. Kennel Schatzave Details
    Breeder of Samoyed and Flatcoated Retriever.
    Oulu, Finland

  2. Wichita Details
    Breeder of flat-coated retriever.
    Lier, Belgium

  3. Dark Devotion Details
    Breeder of flat-coated retriever.
    Eleveur de flat-coated retriever.
    Eperheide, Netherlands - Pays-Bas

  4. Fundy Bay's Naiad Details
    Eleveur de Flatcoated et Curly Retrievers
    Breeder of Flatcoated and Curly Retrievers.
    54230 Maron (Meurthe et Moselle), France

  5. Camroy's Place Details
    Le flatcoat si chanti, si active et si joyeux.
    Breeder of FlatCoated Retriever.
    2830 Heindonk, Belgique - Belgium

  6. Susanna Dini Details
    Allevamento Flat Coated Retrievers.
    Breeder of Flat coated retrievers.
    Siena, Italia - Italy

  7. St. John's Wastelands Details
    Allevamento amatoriale labrador & flat coated retrievers: Pensione cani aperta tutto l' anno.
    Breeder of Labrador Retriever and Flat-coated Retriever.
    15070 Tagliolo Monferrato (AL), Italia - Italy

  8. Royal Silk Details
    Allevatore di golden retriever and flat-coated retriever.
    Breeder of golden retriever and flat-coated retriever.
    Marsure di Aviano (PN), Italia - Italy

  9. La Source d'Edesse Details
    Eleveur de flatcoated retriever.
    Breeder of Flatcoated Retrievers.
    51290 Margerie-Hancourt (Marne), France

  10. Dyffryn Flat Coated Retrievers Details
    Breeding for longevity, health, temperment, hunting ability and personality!
    Prince George BC, Canada

  11. Kennel Flat Workers Details
    Breeder of dual purpose flat coated retriever.
    Ringsted, Denmark

  12. of Silkman's Castle Details
    Breeder of Flat Coated Retriever.
    Züchter vom Flat Coated Retriever.
    4900 Nakskov, Denmark

  13. Kennel O'Flanagan Details
    Breeder of Flat-coated Retriever.
    Eleveur de Flac-coated Retriever.
    90580 Umeå, Sweden - Suède

  14. Björshult Kennel Details
    Breeder of Flatcoated retriever and Norfolk terrier
    Nyköping, Sweden

  15. Casblaidd Details
    Breeder of Flat Coated Retriever
    Haslemere (Surrey), United Kingdom

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