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Dog Breeders Eurasier

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  1. OC Eurasiers Details
    Dedicated to quality purebred Eurasiers in accordance with German standards. OC Eurasiers is dedicated to maintaining the breed standard and to introduce the Eurasier to North America.
    Huntington Beach CA, USA

  2. Kennel Euchams Details
    Breeder of Eurasier and Samoyed.
    Karhula, Finland

  3. Edelweiss Eurasiers Details
    Eurasiers - The ideal housedog, puppies raised underfoot.
    Cloverdale BC, Canada

  4. Blue Creek's kennel Details
    Breeder of Eurasier, Samoyed, Pekingese. Check details in our homepage!
    07810 Ingermaninkylä, Finland

  5. Les Eurasiers de Niuo Tchouang Details
    Eleveur d'Eurasier
    Breeder of Eurasier
    49350 Les Rosiers sur Loire (Maine et Loire), France

  6. Eurasier von der Tschifflik Details
    Information über unsere Eurasier und über diese wundervolle Hunderasse.
    General introduction to the magnificent dog breed Eurasier. Presentation of Tschifflik Eurasiers. Eurasiers are family dogs that were recognized by VDH/FCI in 1973.
    53881 Euskirchen (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Deutschland

  7. Chaospitz Eurasiers Details
    Family Breeder of Eurasiers.
    Lutterworth (Leicestershire), United Kingdom

  8. Kennel Foxfire Details
    Breeder of Eurasier.
    59081 Gullringen, Sweden

  9. Les sentiers de Cernunnos Details
    Elevage familial de chiens Eurasier.
    Breeder of Eurasier
    63000 Clermont-Ferrand (Puy de Dome), France

  10. North River Details
    Breeder of Eurasier dogs.
    Hanover MA, USA

  11. Black Forest Details
    Breeder of Eurasier dogs.
    Calgary AB, Canada

  12. Kennel Mabuh Details
    Züchter von Eurasiern
    Breeder of Eurasier
    4690 Haslev, Dänemark - Danemark


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