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Dog Breeders Chihuahua

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  1. Chico Chihuahua Details
    Chihuahua long and short coat, all colors (Blue, chocolate, brindle, merle) 2 to 5 pounds.
    Chihuahua poil long et court, couleurs variées (Bleu, chocolat, bringé, merle) 2 a 5 livres
    Ile Perrot Quebec, Canada

  2. Sphynx & Chi's Details
    Breeder of Sphynx cats and Chihuahua.
    Dayton OH, USA

  3. Chihuahua kennel Ugnies þenklas Details
    Breeder of Chihuahua. A lot of our dogs are champions of many countries, winners of national and international dog shows. Experience of many years in chihuahua breeding, professional skills, the best lines, regular health control, it takes possibility to get nice, healthy and good-tempered dogs.

  4. MG Chihuahuas Details
    Breeder of Chihuahua.
    Chelan WA, USA

  5. Maitreya Kennels Details
    Breeder of Tibetan Spaniel and Chihuahua dogs.
    Sydney NSW, Australia

  6. Chihuahua Palace Details
    Chihuahuas 2 to 5 pounds, all colours, long and short coats.
    Chihuahua 2 à 5 livres, toutes les couleurs, poil long et court.
    Granby Québec, Canada

  7. Yozho Kennel Details
    Breeder of Toy Manchester Terriers and Chihuahuas. We show the Toy Manchester Terriers. All puppies are home raised.
    Madisonville TX, USA

  8. Kennel Van't Eiland Ouburg Details
    Chihuahua smooth coat and long coat, and Standard Poodle white black and apricot.
    Dendermonde, Belgium

  9. Chocolate Chihuahuas USA Details
    Breeder of Chihuahuas over 10 years. Specialize in Chocolate long coats.
    Las Vegas NV, USA

  10. Lambrou Chihuahuas Details
    Top Breeder of Quality Chihuahua in South East Asia.
    Banten (Jakarta), Indonesia

  11. Snowcrest Details
    Breeder of Chinese Cresteds and Chihuahua.
    Chehalis WA, USA

  12. Kandee Chihuahuas Details
    Long and smooth coated Chihuahua.
    Dover TN, USA

  13. Mini-Chihuahuas Details
    Nous nous spécialisons dans le chihuahuas à poil cour grandeur Tiny Toy et Teacup (2-4lbs adulte). La qualité, la santé et le tempérament sont nos priorités dans notre petit élevage familial.
    Specializing in short hair Chihuahuas, Tiny Teacup, Teacup and Tiny Toy-- bred for size, quality, temperament, and health is our priority in our small home breeding.
    Boucherville Quebec, Canada

  14. Rafina Details
    Breeder of Chihuahua.
    Michigan, USA.

  15. Chihuahua-Land Details
    We specialize in long coat chihuahuas.
    Yorkville IL, USA

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