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Cat Breeds Birman

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  1. AGABI - Associazione Gatto Birmano (Italia) Details
    Italian Association of the Sacred Cat of Burma.
    Association Italienne Amateurs Chat Sacré de Birmanie.

  2. Dutch Sacred Birman Cat Club Details
    Rasclub Heilige Birmanen

  3. Birman Cat Fanciers of QLD (Australia) Details

  4. Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers Association of Australia Details

  5. Birman Cat Club of New Zealand Details

  6. National Birman Fanciers (USA) Details

  7. SCBF - Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers (USA) Details

  8. Birman Cat Club (UK) Details

  9. The Birman Society (Melbourne VIC Australia) Details

  10. Birman Cat Club of Canberra (Australia) Details

  11. Club di Razza del Gatto Sacro di Birmania Details
    Birmans Club of Italy.
    Birmans Club d'Italie

  12. Sacred Birman Fanciers Group of Southern Africa Details

  13. Northern Birman Cat Club (UK) Details


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