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  1. WeAreSiamese Cattery Details
    Breeder/Preserver of CFA Traditional Siamese Cats. FeLV and FIV free cattery.
    Stillwater OK, USA

  2. Chatterie n'ha Kyrielle Details
    Elevage familial de siamois et orientaux, travaillant la couleur cinnamon. Couleurs solides exclusivement.
    Breeder of Siamese and Oriental cats.
    Cría de gatos siameses y orientales.
    92300 Levallois Perret (Hauts de Seine), France

  3. Massa-Marra Cattery Details
    Small Siamese, Oriental, Balinese and Seychellois Cats breeder.
    8037 Zurich, Switzerland

  4. Coslinkar Cattery Details
    Breeder of Siamese and Cornish Rex cats.
    Warwick Farm NSW, Australia

  5. Once Upon a Time Details
    élevage familial de chatons siamois et orientaux detrès belle qualité.
    3890 Montenaken, Belgique - Belgium

  6. Camèlia Details
    Criador de Siamese.
    Eleveur familial de Siamois.
    Breeder of Siamese cats.
    03720 Benissa (Alicante), España - Espagne - Spain

  7. Magical Siamese Details
    Siamese and Devon Rex breeder site, lots of pics old & new, links to breed club, and other breeders.
    Droylsden (Manchester), United Kingdom

  8. Alexy Siamese Details
    Siamese Breeder since 1990!
    Greensboro NC, USA

  9. Chatterie des Sianous Câlins Details
    Elevage familial de siamois et orientaux.
    Breeder of Siamese and Oriental cats
    5002 Saint-Servais, Belgique - Belgium

  10. Cattery Koosje van Tutte Details
    Cattery for Siamese and Oriental Shorthair kittens, with an chocolate point stud.
    Nieuw-Vennep (Noord-Holland), Netherlands

  11. Trueblood Cattery Details
    Trueblood Cattery breeds pure Siamese in the four original colors; 24, 24a, 24b and 24c. Trueblood Cattery breeds for robust health, intelligence and companionable personalities.
    Greater Saint Louis MO, USA

  12. Rameses Details
    Breeder of Burmese, Tonkinese and Siamese cats.
    Oxford (Oxfordshire), United Kingdom

  13. Cattery Khai Muk Details
    Breeder of Balinese, Oriental longhair, Siamese & Oriental shorthair cats.
    Arnhem (Gelderland), Netherlands

  14. Cattery Okurimono Details
    Breeder of Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthair & Longhair cats.
    Rheden (Gelderland), Netherlands

  15. Oramor Burmese and Siamese Details
    Beautiful Burmese and Siamese Kittens By Oramor Excellence in Breeding Quality Burmese and Siamese Kittens. Lovingly Raised With Pride and Your Happiness At Heart. Order Now On Our Web Site!
    Maryborough QLD, Australia

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