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  1. JFRH Cattery Details
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats.
    Aylmer ON, Canada

  2. Cattery Calaquendi Details
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats.
    Aartselaar, Belgium

  3. Cattery van Cheops Details
    Breeder of Birman and Ragdoll cats.
    Eleveur de chats Birman et Ragdoll.
    Geluwe, Belgium - Belgique

  4. Bastetdolls Details
    allevamento di ragdolls in tutte le varietà e colori di alta genealogia. Specializzato nei lynx point. Cuccioli disponibili tutto l'anno.
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats.
    00134 Roma, Italia - Italy.

  5. Masada Cattery Details
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats.
    Northwest NJ, USA

  6. Capriccio Details
    Criador de Ragdoll.
    Ragdoll cattery, excellent bloodlines.
    1257 Buenoas Aires, Argentina

  7. Bragdolls Ragdolls Details
    Big and Sassy. Beautiful babies with sweet personalities to match their gorgeous faces. Extended health guaranty. Fairly priced. Will Ship.
    Deerfield Beach FL, USA

  8. Kissme Rag Details
    Criadero de Ragdolls, colores: lilac, chocolate, blue, seal. Patrones: colorpoint, bicolor, mitted.
    Zûchter von Ragdoll Katzen.
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats.
    03700 Dénia (Alicante), España - Spanien - Spain

  9. Palace Dolls Ragdolls Details
    Registered kittens raised in loving home, small cattery. Raised for loving disposition. Health guarantee.
    Winnipeg MB, Canada

  10. Fiorente Ragdolls*CZ Details
    FIORENTE*CZ is a small in-home cattery. We are dedicated to breeding healthy, well socialized, show quality Ragdolls with their legendary temperament. Our Ragdolls are tested for FIV, FeLV, PKD & HCM – all negative.
    Wir sind een kleine familiäre Hobbyzucht der schönen Ragdoll Katzen.
    Pilsen, Czech Republic - Tschechische Republik

  11. Keepurrs Ragdolls Details
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats.
    Edgewood KY, USA.

  12. Keepurrs Ragdoll Cats Details
    Kittens raised underfoot in our home. Health guaranteed, TICA, CFA Registered.
    Edgewood KY, USA

  13. OhMyDolls Details
    I am a small cattery in Northwest Ohio specializing in temperament, conformation, and size. Raised underfoot in my home, grandkid & dog friendly! I am focusing on improving the flame lines. TICA, ACFA, CFA registered cattery.
    Bryan OH, USA

  14. Grand Harbor Ragdolls Details
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats.
    Penn ND, USA

  15. Calemon Ragdolls Details
    Il nostro è un piccolo allevamento amatoriale di Ragdoll dove i gatti vivono senza alcuna restrizione, a stretto contatto con tutti i componenti della famiglia.
    Hobby Breeder of Ragdoll.
    Imola (BO), Italia - Italy

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