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Persian Chinchilla

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Cat Breeders Persian Chinchilla

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  1. Alpha Centauri Details
    Alpha Centauri is FIF-e registered Persian and Ecotic Cattery. We specialize in Chinchilla silver and shaded.
    Split, Croatia

  2. Aequinoctium Cattery Details
    Allevamento amatoriale gatti silver e golden nelle varianti chinchilla, shaded e tabby. Visita il nostro sito web.
    Breeder of Persian chinchilla, shaded and tabby.
    25127 Brescia (Lombardia), Italia - Italy

  3. Caloola Silvers Details
    Breeding only the best Show Quality and Pet Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians and Exotics.
    Southern Highlands NSW, Australia

  4. Caloola Silvers Details
    Breeding Chinchinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians and Exotics since 1987. Registered with NSWCFA.
    Bargo NSW, Australia

  5. La Fontaine d'Amour Details
    Nous sommes une petite chatterie familiale, et nous élevons des chats persans.
    We are a small family cattery, and we raise Chinchilla Persian cats.
    27140 Bazincourt sur Epte (Eure), France

  6. The Cozy Kitten Cattery Details
    Cutest furr-babies on the net! Be prepared to be amazed!!! Baby Doll-Faced Persians & Himalayans that will melt your heart!
    Unionville MO, USA

  7. Chatterie Catsland Details
    Elevage de chat persan chinchilla et golden en milieu familiale. Tout les reproducteur son tester négatif pour le PKD par ADN. Tous nos chatons sont garantie.
    Breeder of Persian Chinchilla cats.
    St-Hubert Quebec, Canada

  8. Chatterie Gold Harmony Details
    Petit élevage familial dont la passion est le persan golden. Nous avons des chatons disponibles de temps à autre, élevés aux câlins et aux jeux, très bien sociabilisés.
    Small hobby breeder of goldens persians, alternative of chinchillas persians.
    59500 Douai (Nord), France

  9. Lady Sekhmet Details
    Piccolo allevamento di Persiani Chinchilla - Shaded Silver - Golden.
    Small breeder of Persian Chinchilla.
    38049 Trento, Italia - Italy

  10. Elly's Garden Details
    Allevamento amatoriale gatti persiani Chinchilla, Silver, Golden Blue-Golden e Blue-silver. Tutti i nostri gatti sono testati PKD DNA negativi, esenti Fiv, Felv e protetti contro la filariosi cardiopolmonare. Alta genealogia.
    Breeder of Persian Chinchilla cats.
    41030 San Prospero (Emilia-Romagna), Italia - Italy

  11. Golden River Cattery Details
    Piccolo allevamento di gatti persiani, specializzato in Golden, silver e chinchilla. cuccioli di alta genealogia, da compagnia o esposizione.
    Breeder of Persian cats, golden, silver and chinchilla.
    Mestre (Venice), Italia - Italy

  12. Cattery Rheingoldcat Details
    Züchter von Perser Chinchilla.
    Elevage de Persan Chinchilla.
    Amazing Dollface Persian Kittens in chinchilla, silver, golden or blue-golden ! Exclusive Pkd tested CFA reg. cattery with multiple Best in Show! Check out our website to see all of the currently available suberb Kittens!.
    67063 Ludwigshafen (Rheinland-Pfalz), Deutschland - Allemagne - Germany

  13. Chatterie EmeraldCats Details
    Élevage familial de persans chinchilla silver, golden et blue golden aux yeux verts émeraude enregistrée avec la CCA/CFA. Excellentes lignées. Testés PKD négatif. Visitez notre site.
    Breeder of Persian Chinchilla cats.
    Montreal, Québec Canada

  14. Purrdolls Details
    We have doll-faces from long nosed to cute dolls. We specialize in Himalayan and Smokes.
    Bedford TX, USA

  15. Lej'haim Persians Details
    Criador persas chinchillas.
    A small in-home cattery PKD negative cats. All babies are born and raised in our home with lot of love and cuddles to have sweet temperaments. We have also solid Persians.
    08270 Navarcles (Barcelona), España - Spain


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