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  1. Pelaqita Persians Details
    CFA registered Cattery of Excellence. Champion and Grand Champion lines. Breeding cats are tested for and are negative for FIV, FelV and PKD. Five year written contract/health-genetic guarantee.
    Pleasantville OH, USA

  2. Happy Hollow Cattery Details
    Breeder of Persian, Himalayan and Exotic cats.
    Strafford MO, USA

  3. Shortnaps Cattery Details
    Breeder of Persian and Napoleon cats.
    Smiths AL, USA

  4. Cattery RusLana Details
    Small CFA and FIFe registered and PKD-DNA tested cattery specializing in bicolor and tabby exotic shorthair and persian cats.
    Krasnodar, Russia

  5. Chatterie Doux Calin Cattery Details
    Eleveur de chats Himalayan et Persans.
    Breeder of Himalayan and Persian cats.
    Venise-en-Québec QC, Canada

  6. Clover-Club Details
    Breeder of Persian and Exotic cats. Smokes and Tabby
    28330 Pori, Finland

  7. Westholme Details
    Breeder of Persian, Colourpoint and Exotic Shorthair cats.
    Barnsley (Yorkshire), United Kingdom

  8. Silverdance Details
    Züchter von Perserkatzen.
    Breeder of persian in smoke, solid and cameo. Small cattery with no cages. My cats are all PKD DNA negative, FELV/FIV negative, CFA registered. The home of CFA-Champions, WorldChampion, Grand Europe Champion, UK and Imperial GC, multiple CFA Final winners and Best smoke/shaded Persian by CFA
    21220 Seevetal (Niedersachsen), Deutschland - Germany

  9. Passion Feline Details
    Eleveur de chats Persans.
    Persian Breeder. We breed Van, Bi-color, tabby, solid include white. We work with great line (Anz, Bolo, kitty Charm, Vickits, etc...) FIV/FLV, PKD neg.
    Lanaudière Québec, Canada

  10. Katzele Persians Details
    Solid Persians cattery working with the world's most known bloodlines.
    Ramat - Gan, Israel

  11. Monella Persians Details
    Working with the best USA imported cats from top bloodlines. Specializing in bicolours, Vans , harlequins and particolours and also solid colours.
    Attard, Malta

  12. Coolook Details
    Persian & Exotic Shorthair. Specialized in Tabbies and Bi-color.
    Hong Kong, China

  13. Kaw Liga's Details
    Breeder of Persian and Exotic.
    73060 Ramnäs, Sweden.

  14. Moeflella Details
    Breeder of Persian cats.
    Cheshunt (Hertfordshire), United Kingdom

  15. Cassilia Details
    Allevatore di Persiano.
    Breeder of Persian.
    04011 Aprilia (LT), Italia - Italy

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