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  1. Bravlion Cattery Details
    We breed Exotic Shorthair cats (Show Quality).
    Lakeland FL, USA

  2. Instapurr Cattery Details
    Breeder specializing in Exotic Shorthair. CFA Cattery of Excellance. PKD negative. Pet Breeder and Show quality.
    Morganton NC USA

  3. LittleMansLand Details
    Breeder of Exotic shorthaired Persians and Napoleon cats. Napoleons are the combination of Exotic Persians elagance and grace along with the comical stubby legs of the dwarf Munchkin cat! Napoleons are round,semi-cobby bodied cats with high cheeks and huge eyes-giving this breed its sweet pouty expression.
    Brimfield MA, USA

  4. Happy Hollow Cattery Details
    Breeder of Persian, Himalayan and Exotic cats.
    Strafford MO, USA

  5. Westholme Details
    Breeder of Persian, Colourpoint and Exotic Shorthair cats.
    Barnsley (Yorkshire), United Kingdom

  6. Cattery RusLana Details
    Small CFA and FIFe registered and PKD-DNA tested cattery specializing in bicolor and tabby exotic shorthair and persian cats.
    Krasnodar, Russia

  7. Oceanicor Himmies & Pointed Exotics Details
    Oceanicor, la Qualité sous sa Plus Belle Forme ! Exotics Shorthair & Persans, à 60kms au sud de Lyon. Depuis 1993, toutes couleurs. Notre spécialité : le patron Tabby ! Chatterie indemne de PKD, chacun de nos reproducteurs est certifié par dépistage génétique ADN. Les chatons que nous proposons pour la France sont cédés stérilisés avant leur départ (à 3 mois). Seuls les chatons destinés à des acquéreurs étrangers sont vendus entiers, avec droits de reproduction & contrat.
    Himmies & Pointed Exotics, especially in Lynx and Lilac points. Also Silver Tby, Smoke and Tby Exotics. Take a look on our site !
    Sablons (Isère), France

  8. Clover-Club Details
    Breeder of Persian and Exotic cats. Smokes and Tabby
    28330 Pori, Finland

  9. Coolook Details
    Persian & Exotic Shorthair. Specialized in Tabbies and Bi-color.
    Hong Kong, China

  10. Maskado Cattery Details
    Breeder of Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair cats.
    Moscow, Russia

  11. Burlamacco Details
    Allevamento amatoriale specializzato nella selezione del gatto di razza exotic short hair. Testato fiv felv e pkd-dna.
    Breeder of Exotic Shorthair cats.
    55050 Massaciuccoli-Lucca (Toscana), Italia - Italy

  12. Agape Willow Cattery Details
    Breeder of Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats.
    Enid OK, USA

  13. Ritmo de Alisa Details
    Small cattery of top, show Persians and Exotics cattery. Specialized in Tabbies, Solid, Parti, Bi-colors. Using lines from Harwood, Jovan, Kikicat, Capicat, Od Elizy.
    Riga, Latvia

  14. Brusvehagen Details
    Breeder of Persian and Exotic Shorthair cats.
    2821 Gjøvik, Norway

  15. Chatterie Lypercha Details
    Élevage sélectif de chats Foldex, Exotic et Persans Traditionnels (figures moins écrasées) appelés aussi Persan Dollface.
    Breeder of Foldex and traditional Persians also called Persian Dollface.
    Dorval, Quebec, Canada

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