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  1. Massa-Marra Cattery Details
    Small Siamese, Oriental, Balinese and Seychellois Cats breeder.
    8037 Zurich, Switzerland

  2. Chatterie de l'Allee du Roi Details
    Eleveur de chats Balinese et Tonkinese.
    Breeder of Balinese and Tonkinese cats.
    92370 Chaville (Hauts de Seine), France

  3. Cattery K'ung Fu-Tse Details
    Breeder of Oriental longhair (Mandarin) & Oriental shorthair, Balinese and Siamese.
    Tiel (Gelderland), Nederland

  4. Miller's Shoobox Details
    Small family-owned cattery breeder of Siamese and Balinese cats.
    San Diego CA, USA

  5. Cann-Dee-Apples Cattery Details
    Breeder of Traditional Siamese, Traditional Balinese, Traditional Colorpoint Shorthair, and Snowshoe cats.
    Nashua NH, USA

  6. Chat De Nacre Details
    Eleveur de Oriental, Siamois et Balinais.
    Breeder for Oriental short/longhair, Siamese and Balinese, specializing in Cinnamon and classic(blotched) tabby.
    35000 Rennes (Ille et Vilaine), France

  7. Crystabel Cattery Details
    Balinais, Sphynx, Oriental. Chatons enregistres CFA et garantie de sante. Lignees de Grands Champions.
    Balinese, Sphynx, Oriental. Kittens registered with CFA & health guarantee. From Grand Champion lines.
    Sabrevois Quebec, Canada

  8. of Blue Moon Details
    Züchter von Balinezen katzen.
    Breeder of Balinese cats. You are very welcome to visit our beautiful Balinese cats!
    Edlibach, Schweiz - Switzerland

  9. Camelot Fantasy Cattery Details
    Criador Siames, Balien, Oriental.
    Small Cattery siamese - orientals - balinese. We dont use cages. Our cats are raised with love and care. We have the best bloodlines from USA and Europe. Okonor, Martycats, Casa decanos, Tassam.
    Munro (Buenos Aires), Argentina

  10. vom Suedstern Details
    Eine kleine Hobbyzucht stellt sich vor. Wir züchten Balinesen und Siamkatzen in den klassischen verdünnten Farben. Schauen Sie doch mal bei uns vorbei!
    Breeder of Balinese and Siamese cats.
    Eleveur de chats Siamois et Balinese
    66113 Saarbrücken (Saarland), Deutschland - Allemagne - Germany

  11. Cattery Khai Muk Details
    Breeder of Balinese, Oriental longhair, Siamese & Oriental shorthair cats.
    Arnhem (Gelderland), Netherlands

  12. Cattery Khong Mao Li Details
    We are a small cattery in The Netherlands for Orientals.
    Gouda (Zuid-Holland), Netherlands

  13. Klaas-Points Details
    Züchter vom Balinesen und Siamesen.
    Breeder of Balinese aand siamese, breed experience since 1993 -Our kittens leave us with health certificate, vaccinations against feline enteritis, feline respiratory disease and rabies and blood tests. They are tested negative regarding FIV and FeLV.
    48455 Bad Bentheim (Niedersachsen), Deutschland - Germany

  14. Cattery Okurimono Details
    Breeder of Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthair & Longhair cats.
    Rheden (Gelderland), Netherlands

  15. Les Beaux Chats Cattery Details
    Breeder of Siamese, Balinese, Oriental, Cornish Rex, Manx, Munchkin, LaPerm cats.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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