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  1. Carduélinés - Carduelan Details
    Infos sur l'élévage des carduélinés (passereaux, serins, tarins, roselins, bouvreuils, chardonnerets etc.
    About breeding carduelans (sparrows, canary, siskin, rosefinch, bullfinch, goldfinch etc.

  2. NFSS - National Finch & Softbill Society (USA) Details

  3. Informationen über Cardueliden Finches Details
    Information about Carduelan Finches

  4. The Gouldian Finch Details
    About breeding, mutations of this Australian finch.

  5. Zebrafinken Details
    Zebravinken in der Natur und Voliere.
    Zebra finches in the wild and as cage birds

  6. Erythrura Details
    descriptions and pictures of all exotic birds of the genus Erythrura; Gouldian Finches and Parrot Finches.
    Descriptions et images des oiseaux exotiques du genre Erythrura.

  7. Empire Finch & Canary Breeders Association (NY USA) Details

  8. Finch Society of Australia Details

  9. Finchworld Details
    All about finches.

  10. International Carduelan Society Details

  11. The Queensland Finch Society Details

  12. Zebra Finch Society of Australia Details


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