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  1. Lost River Falcons Details
    Our goal at Lost River Falcons is to produce white and silver Gyrfalcons custom-reared to meet your personal needs. We can provide imprinted, parent-reared or chamber-reared birds. Wild or tame hacked falcons are available when there is sufficient interest. Whether you need a breeding falcon, a game hawk or a pursuit falcon, we will work to meet your needs. We are CITES Registered (A-US-508) and can ship internationally.
    Mackay ID, USA

  2. Woods Falcon Farm Details
    Northern Anatum Peregrine Falcons.
    Independence IA, USA

  3. Robinson Goshawks Details
    Large Northern Goshawks.
    Waterford WI, USA.

  4. Gyr Breeder Details
    Breeder of Hunting Falcons.
    Landford (Wiltshire), United Kingdom

  5. Scottish Falcons Details
    Custom built falcon breeding facility to produce large hunting falcons, suitable for most quarries. Gyr, Sakers, Peregrines.

  6. Nad Al Shiba Falcons Details
    Breeding centre.
    United Arab Emirates

  7. Alaska Falcons Details
    White and Silver Gyrfalcons for sale.
    Alaska USA.

  8. Falcon Ridge Farms Details
    Breeder of Falcons.
    Sandy UT, USA

  9. Martin Jones Details
    Gyrs, Gyr Hybrids, Peregines, Peregine Hybrids, Barbany, Sakers, Goshawks, Harris Hawks, Redtails, Ferruginous.
    Llanrothal Monmouth (Wales), United Kingdom

  10. Kitsman Goshawks Details
    Captive bred quality hunt hawks.
    WI, USA.

  11. Highland Falcons Details
    We are breeders of quality Falcons. Scottish Peregrinus Peregrines, Anatum Peregrines, Gyr Falcons, Gyr X Peregrine, Gyr X Saker, Tribrids. Our breeding stock consists of both naturally breeding pairs and imprinted falcons.
    Saskatchewan, Canada

  12. Moglich Longwings Details
    Hacked Gyrs.

  13. BishopStoneFalcons Details
    We provide training courses and breed Peregrines, Barbary/Peregrines and Gyr/Peregrines.
    South Downs (East Sussex), United Kingdom

  14. Canadian Falconry Details
    Falcons and Harris Hawks for sale.
    British Columbia, Canada.

  15. B J Birds of Prey Breeders Details
    We breed different birds of prey. We breed Golden Eagles, Martial Eagles, African Crown eagles, Stella's Sea eagles, Goshawks, Harris Hawks, Black Sparrowhawks, Gyrfalcons, Peregrines falcons, Bald Eagles.
    Upington (Northern Cape), South Africa


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