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  1. Singing Wings Aviary Details
    We are bird breeders that provide a variety of quality Finches, Canaries and exotic birds at affordable prices! Shipping is available within the US. Our website provides lots of great bird photos and species information. Finches: Gouldian, Java, Zebra, Owl, Society, Spice, European Goldfinch, European Greenfinch, Grey Singer, Shafttail, Saffron, Cordon Blue, Strawberry, Diamond Firetail, Melba, Swee, Nuns & much more.
    London AR, USA

  2. Legend Creek Aviary Details
    Lovebirds, Cockatiels, White Capped Pionus, Red Bellies, African Greys and Senegals.
    Douglasville GA, USA.

  3. Earth Angel Aviary Details
    Specializing in Eye Ring Lovebirds & Conures.
    Independence MO, USA.

  4. Bucks African Skies Details
    Breeders/Exhibitors of show quality Lovebirds.
    NJ, USA.

  5. Tiny Rascals Aviary Details
    Breeders of hand tamed Lovebirds and lineolated parakeets in most mutations
    Grand Barachois NB, Canada

  6. Jolley Feathers Details
    Timneh African Greys, Double Yellow Head Amazons, Alexandrines, Cockatiels, and Lovebirds.
    Republic WA, USA.

  7. Song of the Serengetti Aviary Details
    Ottawa ON, Canada.

  8. Mariah Aviary Details
    Quaker, Peach Face Lovebird, White Face Cockatiel, Hahns and Severe Macaw, African Grey and Goffin Cockatoo.
    MT, USA.

  9. Ruffled Feathers Aviary Details
    Ruffled Feathers Aviary in California offers quality handfed baby birds. Macaw, cockatoo, eclectus, pionus, amazon, grass parakeet, conure, asian parakeet, senegal, meyers, derbyan, african grey, parrotlet, brotogeris, ringneck. Health guarantee, we ship.
    Pleasant Valley CA, USA

  10. D&R Bird Farm Details
    Breeders of quakers, Indian ringnecks and lovebirds.
    TX, USA.

  11. Hookbill Haven Aviary Details
    Amazons, African Greys, Cockatoos, Pionus Parrots, Conures, Lovebirds and more.
    Nashville TN, USA.

  12. Oisellerie DJ Details
    Eleveurs d'oiseaux exotiques, Perruches calopsittes(cockatiels),de conures (à tête bleue, à joues verts, ventre marron, soleil)toui catherine et de you-you du Sénégal.
    Breeder of cockatiels, linoaeted parakeets,conures (blue-crowned, sun, green-cheeked and maroon-bellied), Senegals.
    Boisbriand (Montreal) Canada.

  13. Parrotdise Aviaries Details
    We SPECIALIZE in AMAZON PARROTS! Also breed Lovebirds, finches, conures, quakers and more!
    Puyallup WA, USA

  14. Flying Gem Aviaries Details
    Breeder of Peachface lovebirds.
    New England MA, USA.

  15. Animalibelli Details
    Allevamento amatoriale di gatti ragdoll nei colori tradizionali e nei rari colori solidi. Siamo specializzati nell'allevamento a mano di pappagalli inseparabili e calopsitte.
    Breeder of Ragdoll cats in traditional and solid colours. Specialised in hand-fed Cockatiels and Lovebirds.
    Bologna (Emilia-Romagna), Italia - Italy

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