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  1. Opisthobranchs Details
    Photos of opisthobranchs (slugs) from around the world.
    Fotos von Hinterkiemer (Nacktschnecken) von der ganzen Welt.

  2. Steve Gardner's Nudibranch Page Details

  3. Australian Venomous Creatures Details
    snakes, spiders, arthropods, marine creatures

  4. Cone Shells - Conotoxins Details
    Marine snails of the genus Conus (Cone Shells) have long been prized for their pretty shells. Only recently has it become known that their sometimes deadly venom is a source of novel pharmaceuticals that can act as potent analgesics to prevent pain.

  5. The Okinawa Slug Site Details
    Opisthobranch Molluscs of Okinawa’s subtropical Western Pacific waters, with photos and data.

  6. The Slug Site Details
    A home page devoted to the study of Opisthobranch Molluscs.

  7. Giant Squid Details
    Architeuthis dux and Taningia danae

  8. CLEMAM Details
    Checklist of European Marine Mollusca.

  9. Conchologists of America Details

  10. Scottish Nudibranchs Details

  11. KF Marine Lab -Sea slugs Details
    Photo site of Opisthobranchia (sea slugs) around Hachijo Island (Izu-Islands Group of Japan).

  12. Marine flatworms of the world Details

  13. The Cephalopod Page Details


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  Dans la Nature:Animaux d Eau:Mollusques (1)
céphalopods (pieuvres, calmars, seiches),
bivalves (coquilles st jacques, huitres, clams),
gastropods (escargots et limaces),
polyplacophorans (chitons),
scaphopoda (coquilles tusk).


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