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Protection Conservation

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  1. Sea Turtle Survival League / Caribbean Conservation Details
    Dedicated to the preservation of sea turtles and other wildlife.
    Salvar Tortugas Marinas y sus Hábitats.

  2. The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI Details
    BDRI engages people worldwide in scientific research and education to contribute to the conservation of bottlenose dolphins, expand the public's knowledge and concern for our marine environment.

  3. Naturschutzorganisation yaqu pacha e.V. Details
    Gesellschaft zum Schutz wasserlebender Säugetierarten Südamerikas
    Organization for the Conservation of South American Aquatic Mammals
    Organización para la Conservación de Mamíferos Acuáticos de Sudamerica

  4. Sea Turtles / Las Tortugas de Parismina, Costa Rica Details
    Salvemos Las Tortugas de Parismina patrullan las playas impidiendo la actividad de cazadores de tortugas y trasladando los huevos desde los nidos hasta el criadero.
    Along the Caribbean beach of Parismina, endangered sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Costa Rican Coast Guard and volunteers from Parismina patrol the beaches trying to stop poaching while relocating eggs to the hatchery.

  5. The Lobster Conservancy Details
    Dedicated to protecting and preserving the American lobster

  6. Breach Marine Protection Details
    United Kingdom.

  7. Project Seahorse Details
    Project Seahorse is a team of biologists, social workers and other professionals, committed to conserving and managing seahorses, their relatives and habitats while respecting human needs

  8. Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine. e.V. Details
    German Dolphin Conservation Society

  9. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Details
    A Marine Wildlife Direct Action Organization

  10. Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur Details
    Treatment and return to the wild of rescued sick and injured California Sea Lions, Northern Elephant Seals, Northern Fur Seals and Harbor Seals.
    San Pedro CA, USA.

  11. Trout Unlimited Details
    Organization of conservation-minded anglers who promote quality trout and salmon fisheries both for their intrinsic value and as reminders of watershed health.
    VA, USA.


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