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Chickens Breeds

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  1. Volaille poultry Details
    Les volailles : coq, poule, dindons, oies , pintades, canard, faisans.
    French fowl, turkeys, geese and ducks.
    Galinas, pavos, patos, gansos Franceses.
    Französichen Geflügel, Enten, Gänsen, Puter.

  2. Plymouth Rock Fancier's Club of America Details

  3. Ameraucana Breeders Club Details

  4. Poules Naines - Bantams Details
    Infos des races de Poules Naines.
    Info about Bantam breeds

  5. Elevage d'An Naoned Details
    Elevage de Basset bleu de Gascogne et Braque allemand, moutons de race Texel, la poule Pictave et le Pigeon Cauchoix.
    Breeder of Blue Gascony Basset, German short-haired pointing dog, Chicken breed Pictave and Pigeon breed Cauchoix.
    17360 La Genetouze (Charente Maritime), France

  6. Avalon Farms Longtail and Domestic Fowl Informational Pages Details
    Informational pages designed to help breeders in America define and understand the longtailed breeds, especially the phoenix, as seen in America. Other fowl featured are White leghorn, Buff leghorn, Asiatic Breeds, Serama.

  7. Chicken Breeds Details
    Extensive breeds information from the Oklahoma State University, USA

  8. The American Dutch Bantam Society Details

  9. Longtail Fowl and Longcrowers of the World Details
    Ornamental Longtail Fowl: Onagadori, Minohiki, Shokoku, Ohiki, Totenko, Satsumadori, Gashiwa, Kurogashiwa.
    European Longtail Fowl: Phoenix and the Yokohama, Jokohama, japansiche langschwanz HŸhner.
    Longcrowers: Totenko, Koeyoshi, Denizli, Tomaru', Kurogashiwa.

  10. Dominique Club of America Details

  11. American Brown Leghorn Club Details

  12. US Serama Club Details
    Dedicated to the development of the Malaysian Serama in the U.S. while maintaining the original Malaysian intent

  13. The Dutch Bantam Details
    About the Dutch Bantam

  14. WBCA - Wyandotte Bantam Club of America Details


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