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  1. Camelid Health Topics Details
    Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, The Ohio State University - College of Veterinary Medicine, USA

  2. Southern Mountain Horse Company Details
    We are a 210 acre breeding facility of rare and unusual animals which are supplied to zoological institutions and private facilities all around the world. Dromedary, Shetland pony, miniature donkey, bennetts wallabies, miniature sheep, zebras, clydesdale horse. Also newfoundland dogs.
    Shade OH, USA

  3. About the Bactrian Camel Details
    The two-humped Bactrian camel, camelus bactrianus ferus, is indigenous to Mongolia.

  4. About the Dromedary Details
    Ata Allah (God's gift) the Bedouin name for Camelus dromedarius, the 'one-hump' dromedary, also known as the Arabian camel.


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